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Darts01 is a UK dart information website, covering a number of aspects relating to darts. Here you will find information as regards the history of the sport and dartboards used over time. It is a general information website that has been well researched that I hope all dart players regardless of level can enjoy.

If you are just looking for some basic ‘01 rules or games you can play on a standard dartboard then there should be enough on here to whet your appetite. If you just want to know how to set-up your standard dartboard or looking for information on some of the UK regional dartboards then again you have found the right place for this information.

New players may like to take a look at the darts checkout page where you can download and print a ’01 checkout chart for your own use. These are useful when you are starting to learn the game and can help you memorise two and three dart combination finishes. If you are a disabled player then I have some resource information on this website that you might find useful. This includes the dartboard set-up for a wheelchair user and a copy of the disability regulations. There are also links to the World Disability Darts Association and the British Disability Darts Association on the disability darts page.

Players that want to improve their games might like the section ‘Practice’. Here you will find some guidelines on how to improve your throw, accuracy and checkouts. However, as the heading states ‘Practice’ is the key.

Over the years of playing darts and researching the game, I have come across a number of articles that have not been researched correctly. Basically, information that has been provided with good intent but is in fact wrong. I hope to cover a lot of the facts and myths on this website and address a number of the FAQ that has plagued the sport for many a year.

This website is not about giving you the latest stats on players as this is well covered on the main darts governing bodies websites and dedicated dart players information websites. However, if you are looking for find previous major tournament winners including the events such as the News of the World individual Championships that is no longer played, then you will find them here

The news section covers some of the major tournaments due to be played or played depending when you read it.

Viewers may find some of this information featured on this website also appears on some of the other dart websites I write. However, each of the websites is unique in their own way, whether it is a player’s website or a dart information website.

Please enjoy the website.


Darts01.com – UK Darts Knowledge at it’s best.

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Featured Events

PDC Premier League Darts 2022


PDC Darts PDC: Ladbrokes Masters 28-30th January 2022 Sky Sports Darts

PDC – Ladbrokes Masters 28-30th January 2022

Can Jonny Clayton defend his 2021 Master title? The likeable Welshman had a fantastic 2021 and is now set for a new year. The Masters quickly follows the World Darts Championships and features the cream of the PDC. Live on FREE to air ITV Sports / ITV4; dart fans can expect the best over the three days.


PDC Darts PDC: Premier League Darts - 3 February – 26 May 2022 Sky Sports Darts

COVID has caused issues for all of us over the past two years, and some dart events have suffered due to restrictions on fans attending sports venues. At the time of writing, it is still unclear what restrictions the governments may impose but if venues are closed, expect this event to be either rescheduled or played as per last year on consecutive nights.

Fans make the darts the spectacle it is! People who attend for the first time experience a party atmosphere like no other sporting event. Let’s hope the Premier League can be played at the designated venues during these difficult times. Premier League dates can be found on the PDC darts Calendar (correct at the time of publication)




PDC Darts WDF: World Darts Championship - Lakeside RESEDULED New date Apr 2nd - 10th, 2022 EorosportDiscover +

Following the demise of the BDO, the World Darts Federation WDF will hold its first World Darts Championships in 2022. A return to the famous Lakeside County Club venue will please many fans as they see this venue as the home of World Professional Darts. The Lakeside hosted and, in later years, sponsored the BDO World Championships until a decision to relocate to the O2 Arena was made in 2020. It was the last World Darts Championships the BDO managed, and the event was littered with issues from the lack of fans attending the new venue to the prize fund not being what the players expected to receive. However,  a return to Lakeside and the management of the WDF should place this anticipated event back on an even keel.

The prize fund isn't as vast as the PDC events, and the number of players participating in the TV stages will not be as many. The New WDF World Darts Championships will feature a men's, women's and youth event.

The WDF World Darts Championships will feature on EuroSport and Discovery +

Tickets, Tickets and Accommodation are available for this event, and details can be found on the WDF website.


WDF World Darts Championship – The Lakeside Tickets



  • Major Dart Tournament Winners History

PDC Darts Tournament History

PDC History

Tournament Winners

  • World Champions
  • Youth W' Champions
  • Premier League
  • World Matchplay
  • Grand Prix
  • UK Open
  • European Champ'ship
  • Grand Slam
  • Players Champ'ship
  • World Cup
  • The Masters
  • Champions League
  • World Series


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BDO Darts Tournament History

BDO History

Tournament Winners

  • World Champions
  • Youth W' Champions
  • World Masters
  • World Trophy
  • British Internationals
  • Grand Prix
  • British Open
  • British Classic
  • Gold Cup
  • Youth Masters
  • BICC Champions Cup


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England Darts Tournament History

EDO History

Tournament Winners

  • England Open
  • England Masters
  • England Matchplay
  • England Classic
  • National Singles


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Scotland Darts Tournament History

SDA History

Tournament Winners

  • Scottish Open
  • Scottish Masters
  • Scottish Singles


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WDO Darts Tournament History

WDO History

Tournament Winners

  • Welsh Open
  • Welsh Classic
  • Welsh Masters


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Northern Ireland Darts Tournament History

NIDO History

Tournament Winners

  • Nr Ireland Open
  • Nr Ireland Matchplay


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